An Inventory of Lost Things

I wanted to post something new and “rough” today. So, here it is:

An Inventory of Lost Things

my car keys
my virginity
a silver lighter, a pack of cigarettes
a pair of lacy black panties
in the backseat of a blue Chevrolet

one husband
a bottle of perfume
a love letter from a dead boyfriend
that still smelled like the echo of his cologne

countless notebooks full
of brilliant poems

my father

my father’s red handkerchief
my mother’s gold ring

my inhibitions
after three glasses of red wine

my glasses
in an airport bathroom
a tube of the most perfect red lipstick

your phone number

a velvet bag of guitar picks
a Joan Jett CD
the will to live

the complete poems of Sylvia Plath
a contact lens on a bus in San Pedro
a lover in Portland
a pack of gum
on a New York City subway train

a chance to say goodbye
a chance to say I love you

eighty pounds of ugly fat
my fear of crowded places
two dogs to bone cancer

and once
a pet turtle

the only photo of you and I
in existence

a fistful of laundry quarters
my favorite childhood toy
those  sweet words you whispered
into my ear when you thought I was sleeping

all my colored socks
my favorite pen
a pair of black cowboy boots

my heart
my goddamn mind

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